We’re connected with the following yoga teachers around the world


Laruga Glaser. American Born. World Citizen. Ashtanga Yoga Student, Practitioner and Teacher. Director for the Mysore Program at Yogayama, Stockholm,

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Kirsten and Mitchell are direct students of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois. They studied at the KPJAYI every year, and have Pattabhi Jois’ direct blessings and Authorization to teach Ashtanga. They completed the first ‘teacher training’ given by the Institute and have Level 2 authorization. Kirsten is also an artist and installs her work annually at Burning Man. Mitchell is also a talented and knowledgeable bodyworker. He is certified as an Advanced practitioner of Structural Integration, also known as “Rolfing.
Kirsten and Mitchell


Mark Robberds has been studying yoga since 1997. He is a Certified Ashtanga Yoga teacher (one of the few Certified by KPJAYI) and spent 10 years travelling regularly to India to practice with the late, legendary Guru Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois, and the last 6 years with his grandson R. Sharath, of Mysore. He also trained as an apprentice, first with Mathew Sweeney and then with Eileen Hall from 1999-2005 at YogaMoves in Sydney

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                     Deepika Mehta is a KPJAYI AUTHORISED LEVEL 2 ASHTANGA YOGA TEACHER



Tashi Dawa, a KPJAYI authorised level 2 Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga teacher whose objective is to lead each student to develop and adore their daily yoga self-practice.



Meri Mort Illustrator, Imaginative, liberating & experimental yoga teacher based in Helsinki, Finland.



Teachers and Guru: Manuela Toso, Nani Ma, Roberta Trussi in Rishickesh, India

Associazione Yoga Niketan Italia. Nani Ma is the spiritual guide at Ganga Prem Hospice.


Nicolette Roux  fly-barre and  Yoga instructor, lives in  Silverlake Los Angeles,



Cristina Bazzanella, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher in Milan Italy



Ali Luminescent model, actress, multi-media performance artist based in NYC, produces large scale art,
participatory art events, and circus spectacle theatre.



Rosa Tagliafierro, yoga photographer and  Ashtanga Yoga teacher at Ashtanga Yoga Italia, Milan



Born in Ireland, Cathy has been involved with yoga since 1996. Since then she has spent the number of years living between Ireland, Thailand, India &  Bali deepening her understanding of the incredible depths of yoga. She is a qualified yoga instructor through Yoga Arts, established in Australia & South East Asia.
Cathy has spent over 13 years with her spiritual teacher and friend Don Hanson, and has qualified as a certified Cellular Healing Therapist.

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Peter Clifford Director of Anahata Yoga, teacher of the Five Element Form has studied and practiced yoga for 52 years.

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Teresa Bigelow  PR Director at India-focused digital music company, Saavn.
Hatha Yoga teacher lives between  Mumbai and New York City



Actress, yoga teacher, owner and founder at Casa Yoga Milano, Silvia Girardi lives between San Fancisco and Milan.
On the left Laura Pavani Hatha Yoga teacher.  www.



Sara Carissimo teaches Vinyasa Yoga in Milan at Casa Yoga Milano.



Sam von Moksha owner and founder at Moksha Yoga in Berlin, Germany.



Nina Forbes, Vinyasa Yoga in London and Sussex, UK.

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JEREMIAH ABRAMS is a Jungian therapist and author based in Ubud, Bali. A popular teacher, Jeremiah is considered a leading expert on the human shadow. He is a pioneer in the field of breathwork innovation and consciousness research, going back over 35 years. His books include the best-selling Meeting the Shadow: The Hidden Power of the Dark Side of Human Nature; The Shadow in America; and Reclaiming the Inner Child.

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Melissa Mattiussi  dancetherapy teacher, researcher of the movement linked to the body,
spirit and emotions, based in Milan, Italy.



Ilaria Pignatti Morano di Custoza, owner and founder of Molino Monacelli Country House.
Ilaria organizes yoga retreats in her Country House. Here are the contact details



Melody Kierz, Body Positive Advocate, owner and founder of Naked Wellness,
Viniyoga CYT , Williamsburg NYC  www.